Google Announces Sunset Of Similar Audiences

Google Announces Sunset Of Similar Audiences

Google announced an impact to audience targeting as a result of ongoing requirements for user privacy. Learn how your Google Ads campaigns may be affected.

Google Display Network Targeting Options Explained 2022

Learn about all the different Google Display Network targeting options and strategies for 2022. You can target different audiences as well as content, which includes websites, apps, and videos with your ads. Your Google Display Ads campaigns will not be successful if you are not targeting the right people with your ads. If you use conversion tracking and find the right audience, you can drive more conversions with your campaigns.

Targeting Options:

Audience Segments: Suggest who should see your ads. You can create new segments in Audience Manager.

Audience segments include detailed demographics, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, life event audiences, remarketing audiences, similar audiences, life events, custom audiences, combined audiences, and audience segments.

Demographics: Suggest people based on age, gender, parental status, or household income

Keywords: Suggest terms related to your products or services to target relevant websites

Topics: Suggest webpages, apps, and videos about a certain topic

Placements: Suggest websites, videos, or apps where you’d like to show your ads

Helpful URLs:

About Display ads and the Google Display Network:

About targeting for Display campaigns: &ref_topic=3121944

7 Google Ads Budgeting and Forecasting Tips:

Google Ads Bidding Strategies Guide:

The ULTIMATE Google Ads Lookalike Audience Tutorial For Shopify

Creating similar audiences with Google Ads can end up increasing your sales fast. Here’s exactly how to do it. Enjoy. Follow me on IG @dedicatedyoung

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Google Ads Similar Audiences

Google Ads similar segments (similar audiences) are the same concept as a lookalike audience on Facebook. These audiences can help advertisers broaden their reach in hopes to find potential new customers who have behavior signals similar to a current remarketing list in the account. This video will show you how similar audiences are built in Google Ads. Then we’ll cover recommendations on how to use similar audiences. Last, we’ll go over some common issues you may run into with these audiences.

0:35 – Navigating to the Audience Manager in Google Ads
2:01 – What Networks Are Eligible for Similar Segments
3:11 – How Search Similar Audiences Are Created
6:04 – How Non-Search Similar Segments Are Built
8:18 – Recommendations for Google Ads Similar Segments
10:17 – Common Issues with Similar Segments
12:51 – A Note on Privacy Laws and Ad Personalization and Similar Segments

#googleadssimilaraudiences #googlelookalikeaudiences #googleadssimilarsegments

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An Update to Google Ads Similar Segments For 2022-2023

Google Ads announced an upgrade to Similar Audience Segments on November 1, 2022. They have announced that Similar Segments will be removed in August, 2023 and they will no longer be created by May, 2023. If advertisers are using Similar Segments then their segments will be gone in current campaigns starting August of 2023.

Google Ads announced that starting May 2023, new similar audiences segments will stop being created, and your current similar audiences segments will no longer be allowed to be added to campaigns.

While Similar Segments are being removed, it seems like a privacy move. Google Ads says that “Optimized targeting can help you find new and relevant audiences that are likely to convert without relying on third-party cookies.”

Display, Discovery, or Video Action campaigns:
– Use optimized targeting & smart bidding

Awareness and Reach or Consideration video:
– Use audience expansion

Search and/or Shopping campaigns:
– Use smart bidding