Enterprise SEO: Communication Within Your SEO Teams

Enterprise SEO: Communication Within Your SEO Teams

Learn best practices for establishing effective communication lines and coordination between SEO teams in an enterprise setting.

Tackling Enterprise Level SEO Problems

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Towa Ghosh �� Day In a Life of an Enterprise SEO

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Hey, hey, welcome to another episode of the SEO Video show where SEO is alive and fun!

My name is Paul Andre de Vera, aka DRE, and I curate SEO videos released within the past week into 1 min clips.

My favorite part of the show is when I get to introduce my guest.

And my guest this week is the Head of SEO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Towa Ghosh.

Before we get started, I wanted to say hay to everyone in the chat.

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First with Google news.

Google posted a blog to remind us to qualify links, and they also posted more info on their latest link spam update.

Yes, another Google update.


Be sure to start qualifying your links like rel=sponsored rel=ugc and help the algorithm know more about your links.

Ryan Stewart, a past guest on the SEO Video Show, just announced he will be doing a How-to series on SEO Tools.


It’s a great resource from a top SEO. Be sure to check it out.

Andrew Steven & Viola Eva from Hight Voltage SEO analyzed two enterprise companies this week and broke down their SEO strategies.

Let’s check out a couple.

For a complete breakdown of the strategies they discovered, be sure to watch the whole video.

The 3rd strategy was on mass page creation, so check that out.

Did you know Trello’s pages get index by Google?

You can get creative with backlinks here.

MOZ CON just passed a couple of weeks ago. Great info.

Let’s listen in on Lily Ray’s most significant takeaways from this years MOZCON’s

I attended MOZCON this year, and Cyrus Shepard goes over three clicks signals from Google Search.

1. Being the 1str click on Google SERPs is a positive ranking factor
2. Earn “long clicks” once a searcher clicks on your page.
How long did they engage with your content before they go back to Google?
3. Being the last click, they find your page and do not go back to Google

He wrote a blog about this. The link is in the description:


Lily also mentioned a little about reporting.

Agency and in-house SEOs create a lot of reports.

DeepCrawl put out a video this week on how we can ensure they are unbiased.

Let’s check it out


Having an SEO platform like BrightEdge or Semrush can generate beautiful charts, but you still have to tell a story with data.

A book I learned how to do this well is Data Story by Nancy Duarte.

I highly recommend it if you are looking into a high-paying career in enterprise SEO.

Our last video clip today is from the Merkle agency team, which is identifying audiences with SEO


When you work in enterprise B2B, building audience profiles, identifying the intent and where they are in their buyer’s journey.

is all a part of the research that goes into a successful SEO program

This brings me to my favorite part of my show.

She is no stranger to enterprise SEO and b2b digital transformation.

If you have any questions on becoming an in-house enterprise SEO, please ask them in the live chat.


Towa is an award-winning digital marketing professional with over ten years of focused experience in building SEO, SEM, and growth marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C organizations that range from Fortune 100 corporations to Silicon Valley start-ups.

She possesses excellent analytical, problem-solving, writing, and presentation skills and can translate marketing ideas and design concepts across all organizational levels.

She is an MBA honor graduate and the former head of SEO at VM Ware.

Would you please welcome the current head of SEO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Towa Ghosh

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WTF is Enterprise SEO?

On the surface,  enterprise  SEO isn’t all that different from your everyday SEO campaign. You need to create compelling content, earn quality links, perform keyword research, and integrate your campaign alongside complementary marketing channels. However, when it comes to SEO campaigns for larger, more complex organizations, things can get tricky. In this episode, we’ll break down the differences between big (enterprise) SEO and small (traditional) SEO, the marketing agency’s role, and more.

How SEO works on an enterprise level

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