20 Signs You & Your Clients Are Alienating Each Other

20 Signs You & Your Clients Are Alienating Each Other

The client/SEO provider relationship can make or break a campaign. Are you guilty of any of these alienating behaviors?

What is Parent Alienation? (Top 10 Signs) | What To Do About Parental Alienation Syndrome

What is Parent Alienation? (Top 10 Signs) | What To Do About Parental Alienation Syndrome

In this video I share with you my definition of Parent Alienation and 10 signs to look for to know if Parent Alienation is occurring in your custody situation with a narcissist.

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�� The Real Reasons Why a Narcissist Uses the Silent Treatment:

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DISCLAIMER: Although I’m giving tips and advice based on my own personal experience, please keep in mind that I’m not an attorney and none of what I’m saying should be considered legal advice because every situation and case is different. You should always consult your own attorney for specific questions related to your situation and case. I am also not a mental health professional and although I am giving tips and advice on narcissism and narcissistic behaviors based on my own personal experience none of what I’m saying should be considered mental health advice. You should always consult your own mental health professional for specific questions related to your situation.

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6 signs of Parental alienation (2020)

6 signs and symptoms that your child is a victim of parental alienation! Parental alienation is a devastation disease that affects 100’s of thousands of families worldwide, yet most people do not know what it is.

8 Symptoms of parental Alienation by Shawn Garrison https://dadsdivorce.com/articles/the-8-symptoms-of-parental-alienation/

How to use properties and templates in Logseq

Learning how to use properties and templates will help you be more effective in managing knowledge in Logseq. In this video, I go step by step through the different aspects of using properties and templates to help you get started using them in Logseq.

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If you’re struggling to manage all your notes and information across personal, professional and academic life, then this is for you. I’ve built out a structured approach to mastering Logseq from the bottom-up, so that you don’t need to navigate through a mass of disparate YouTube tutorials.

Logseq is a powerful combination of a text editor, an outliner, and a bi-directional linking tool, but there is admittedly a learning curve. The course has a wealth of write-ups, videos and diagrams to smooth your transition and quickly master the set of tools available to you in Logseq.

00:00 – Introduction
01:46 – What are properties in Logseq?
02:19 – How do properties work?
04:51 – How do I create properties in Logseq?
08:42 – Block properties vs page properties
11:35 – Potential errors with properties
13:42 – Significance of properties
18:26 – Useful page properties to know about
21:20 – What are templates and why would you use them?
22:46 – How to create, use and edit templates in Logseq
25:03 – Adding a template to your Daily Journal page
26:04 – What makes for a good template in Logseq?


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PARENTAL ALIENATION: The 3 biggest signs

Parental alienation’s three biggest signs. Here are the three telltale signs a child is being brainwashed against a parent by an ex consumed with hate and revenge.